On-Site CoursesOn-Site Training

SRI Quality System Registrar is pleased to offer its public training courses at your site. In addition to available off-site public training courses, you can conduct SRI training courses for your team at your facility.

SRI’s on-site public training courses on your site are a great benefit to you. Some of the conveniences include:

  • Open Discussions. With no other companies present, it allows for employees to speak freely about the company’s management system and related concepts. An open and frank discussion among employees can take place without fear of divulging confidential information.
  • Proximity to Work Environment. Being on-site, employees are within close proximity to their work space. If an issue occurs, the employee can step out of the training class to address the issue and, if possible, quickly return once the issue has been resolved. This also allows employees to check-in during breaks if necessary.
  • Cancellation-Free. Scheduling an on-site public training course eliminates the risk of class cancellation due to low enrollment.  This also eliminates the hassle of potential refunds, credits, and rescheduling.
  • Saves Money. Conducting the course on-site is a great savings to the company. Without having to pay for travel and lodging for your team to attend an off-site public course, on-site training is a very economical choice.  You can have up to 20 attendees for a flat fee.
  • Certified SRI Training. On-site training with SRI now contributes to your continuing education credits with SRI.  Receive SRI certificates for all your training courses.
  • Complete Auditor Training.  All of SRI’s courses can be conducted on-site, allowing companies to plan a complete series of training for its team members, including Documentation, Internal Auditor I and II, Transition, and Root Cause, as well as others.

Whether it’s updated or new standards, new employees or job positions, new customers or products, or added business sites, SRI provides the training your business needs to be successful. SRI’s on-site training can also be rolled-out across multiple sites for larger teams and organizations.

SRI’s public training courses help you facilitate transition and growth in your organization, and it gives your team the skills they need to succeed. The courses are led by trainers who are practicing lead auditors and who know the standards and your industry.

SRI’s training courses are designed for managers, staff, and professionals who require a thorough understanding of the elements required to successfully establish, audit, and maintain various quality, environmental, security, and health and safety management systems and standards. SRI can perform on-site public training for all standards except IATF 16949:2016.

If you are interested in conducting an SRI Public Training Course at your facility, call today.

Contact Erica Jackson, SRI Training Business Manager at EJackson@SRIRegistrar.com or 724-934-9000 ext. 636.